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Adding fluoride to public water may cause bone cancer in some, warns expert

The byproducts of the phosphate mining industry, hexafluorosilicic acid and sodium silicofluoride, are sold to cities around the world, and then dumped into those cities’ …

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How to Make Lavender Lemonaide to Get Rid Headaches and Anxiety

Flavoring your lemonade with lavender is a great way to utilize the amazing medicinal properties of lavender. Lavender is a wonderful aromatic herb that calms …

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10 Reasons You Have Negative Energy & How To Reverse It (In Less Than A Minute)

Several years ago, I was really miserable. The emotional toll of getting divorced and losing a child contributed to a never-ending well of grief, blame, …

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Psychologists warn constant email notifications are ‘toxic source of stress’

The secret to happiness is to ignore an endless stream of emails by turning off your app, according to psychologists who warn constant updates are

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First state raises smoking age to 21

cigHawaii will ring in the new year by becoming the first state in the nation to raise the legal smoking age from 18 to 21.…

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Rehab treatment approach

ttRehab treatment: Addiction is a disease

The individual is responsible for the progressive development of this disease.

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Rehabs in Florida

rehabs-in-floridaIt is a fact that there are a lot of facilities of drug and alcohol rehabs in Florida. This is not a coincidence. There are

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