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The Top 3 Drinks That Calm Inflammation

The danger of chronic inflammation is a frequent, recurring theme in the health world today.

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This Calming Yoga Flow Will Keep You Centered All Summer

Keeping your yoga practice cool on the mat is a great way to keep the summer heat from burning you out. Water, the second most …

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Day 1 Recipes: Clean-Eating Plan

Breakfast: Two Muffins and Steamed “Milk”

Note: Make a batch of banana smoothie muffins and eat two muffins with cup unsweetened almond milk heated …

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Fuel Up With These PMS-Busting Foods and Supplements

Ah, the joys of being a woman. Nearly every other woman experiences at least one of the following symptoms every month related to hormone-related and …

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Kefir Health Rehab

How to rehab with kefir?

Kefir is considered to be the oldest known fermented milk drink and is thought to have originated many centuries ago …

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8 Holistic Ways for Weight Loss

Holistic medicine approaches a person as a whole being, addressing the root causes of a problem rather than merely treating the symptoms. As a result,

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Holistic Treatment Vs Cancer-Related Fatigue

Most people don’t know that methods generate what is called “cancer-related fatigue”,  which is the most common side effect of these kind of …

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