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Horizon’s Organic DHA Milk Contains Corn-Syrup-Fed Algae

The Washington Post reports that Horizon’s organic milk contains an oily substance made from out of industrially grown algae. 

The DHA algal oil made with

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Dr Oz Promotes Human Microchips To Millions Of Viewers

Dr. Oz did an interesting story on RFID chips in September of 2016. 

He was first interested in the story and had asked producers to

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The One Thing Eco-Minimalists Are Adding To Their Capsule Wardrobes This Year

We have a fashion emergency. And no, not that kind. It’s far more complicated: Our passion for fashion is slowly destroying the planet. But in …

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Why Work Life Balance Is a Curse

Kate is a hard-working manager working at a startup company.  She toils at work but gets that nagging feeling that she’s missing out on living …

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How Not to Give a Boring Presentation

The usual approach when preparing a presentation is putting the points into slides. But the best presentations do not seek to merely inform. They make …

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40 Fitness Tattoos That'll Make You Wanna Get Inked . . . and Hit the Gym

Thinking about getting inked? Fitness enthusiasts will swoon over these intricate, creative, and unique tattoo ideas for every type of exercise. Are you a marathoner? …

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The Most Affordable Way to Remove Fluoride from Tap Water

Drinking water with high levels of fluoride can lead to many dangers. 

Some side effects that are brought on by fluoride exposure are dental fluorosis

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