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Rehab treatment approach

ttRehab treatment: Addiction is a disease

The individual is responsible for the progressive development of this disease.

The information on addiction must start from within the family.

The initial motivation for treatment does not determine the outcome.

Rehab treatment based on dignity and respect for the personality of the client.

Providing rehab treatment to people who suffer and not as institutionalization.

Assistance and recovery on all three levels : physical, mental, spiritual.


It is believed that the consequences of addiction firing the person and the environment on many levels .

The diversity of problems requires the services of mental health counselors , social reintegration , intellectual development and the experience of other addicts in recovery .

Rehab treatment approach details

A rehab treatment consists of different elements such as group therapy , individual counseling sessions , family counseling , as well as lectures and workshops on various topics related to addiction . Different therapeutic tasks  are given ( for example , to write and to share with the group their life story ) that will help them to focus on specific problem areas of their lives .

It is believed that addiction to alcohol and drugs as a condition very similar disease .  The damage to their health is not only physical but also the psychological and emotional domain. The majority of people are socially isolated , economically damaged , with numerous and often serious legal problems . They are individuals that their addiction , has cost them dearly on many levels .

It is advised to help these people to recognize and come to terms with this sometimes painful reality and to suggest alternative ways of dealing s difficulties , problem solving and managing emotions .

Help them achieve total abstinence from all substances and greatly improve the quality of their lives . All research and clinical studies that have been done for the addiction , show that for people with chronic use of alcohol and substances, complete abstinence is the most appropriate means to achieve this goal .

They are encouraged to attend self-help groups of Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous because these groups offer hope , support and a healthy alternative lifestyle .

Changes and benefits derived by the person who completed their treatment

They had a better understanding of the devastating effect it had alcohol or substances in their lives , regained their value system , their principles , their health , their relationships, etc.

Begin to acquire management skills difficult thoughts and emotions such as fear , anger , anxiety and the desire to use.

Increased levels of self-esteem and sense of value.

Begin to form a support network (family , friends , self-help groups ) and learned to use it effectively .

They set goals and began to formulate plans for the immediate future .

Although rehab treatment is often difficult and laborious task , has great benefits :

The self-esteem began to rise , and therefore feel better about themselves.

Discover new and different ways to take pleasure in life .

They learned new ways to address and solve some of life’s problems .

Meet many clean people and would give them the opportunity to build deep friendships .

Involved in interesting quests themselves , which can bring great satisfaction and self-awareness .

They learned new ways of management thinking , feelings and behaviors.

also :

It is very likely to be guided professionally and find work .

It is very likely to return to their studies or perhaps to begin studies if they wish .

It is very possible to build their relationships with their family or parents if they can cope with the role.

It is very likely to discover other satisfactory things in life .

In other words , the quality of life will improve dramatically

The chances of having their level of health significantly improved, in emotional and mental levels and stay clean from alcohol and substances, increase substantially if and when they complete their treatment.