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Holistic Treatment Vs Cancer-Related Fatigue

Most people don’t know that methods generate what is called “cancer-related fatigue”,  which is the most common side effect of these kind of treatment. Patient is feeling tired and weak, both mentally and physically. This can even last long after any treatment ends!

Analytically, the symptoms are:
  • Prolonged, extreme tiredness following an activity;
  • Weakness, tiredness, weariness, exhaustiveness, even after sleeping;
  • Being too tired to complete normal daily activities;
  • Being unable to take part in normal daily activities;
  • Feelings of frustration and irritability, anxiety about feeling exhausted;
  • “Heavy arms and legs which feel hard to move.

But what holistic methods have to do with all these?

Kira Taniguchi, MA, and Lorenzo Cohen, Ph.D., Professor and Director,Integrative Medicine Program, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, highlight that continuing research regarding cancer-related fatigue has shown that 
holistic diets and food supplements together with cognitive behavioral therapy, exercise and meditation improve fatigue symptoms.

The research results deduce the following seven integrative therapies as appropriate to improve symptoms:

1. Exercise is not just a great way to improve your overall , but a great fatigue-smasher.

2. Mind-body exercises like tai chi, yoga and meditation are useful in combating fatigue.

3. Have a professional nutritionist evaluate your nutritional intake ad make sure you get the essential vitamins and minerals in your diet.

4. Acupuncture is suggested as to reduce cancer treatment-related fatigue. There is limited research specifically on the benefits of this technique for cancer relief, but there is much more data to indicate acupuncture can provide some relief if fatigue is related to symptoms like dry mouth, hot flashes, nausea and pain.

5. Get a massage from a professional, to relax so that you can sleep better and reduce your overall fatigue.

6. Consultation from a health psychologist, which will help you to  get in behaviors that will allow you to increase relaxation, improve sleep and therefore reduce your fatigue.

7. Music therapy is one major way to stress management, pain alleviation and expression of feelings.

These techniques, and many others, is the new holistic arsenal to fight cancer-related fatigue.