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6 Healthy Foods to Clean Your Liver Naturally

Do you eat foods that help clean your liver? Did you even know this is possible?

We live in a world where liver disease and its complications are continuously increasing. This is because of our constant exposure to toxic substances in our water, air and food. Another way that toxins can enter the body is through the consumption of crops that are sprayed with pesticides.

The majority of these substances affect the liver, which is the largest gland of the body.  It is fundamental to understand that, without a healthy liver, a person cannot survive.

That’s why it’s extremely important to keep your liver healthy. Try eating more of these foods to do so!

1. Red Beets

Red beets are an excellent vegetable that trigger energy and nutrients throughout the body. 

Beets clean and help improve your liver’s functioning. At the same time, they improve the absorption of nutrients.

In addition, beets are rich in antioxidants and important nutrients. Among these vitamin B, the fiber pectin, iron, betain, and betanin stand out.

Pectin is a soluble fiber known for its cleansing properties. It also makes us feel satisfied with little food. The fibers and nutrients in beets help the body to eliminate toxins that are often stored in the liver.

All of the above makes beets one of the best vegetables to clean your liver naturally.

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2. Garlic

Garlic is another vegetable that will help you clean your liver naturally.

This is a food rich in selenium and allicin. Selenium is a natural cleansing mineral.  Allicin helps to fight the invaders of the immune system. Together, these two potent nutrients clean the liver and the blood.

In addition, they also help to lighten the work load of the liver. Garlic also activates the enzymes in the liver that help with the purification of toxins and digestion in general.

Our recommendation is to always use natural cloves of garlic, instead of commercial versions or garlic in the form of powder.

3. Lentils

Your liver will love lentils. After all, they are rich in fiber, which helps in the cleaning process. They’re also a natural form of vegetable protein.

Excess animal protein can be difficult to process. This is why vegetable protein is the perfect option to clean the liver naturally.   

Lentils are also one of the easiest legumes to digest, and this helps distribute the nutrients.

4. Onions

Just like garlic, onions also are rich in allicin, which serves to cleanse the liver and the digestive tract.

Onions also provide potassium, fiber, phytonutrients, and flavonoids that help our bodies carry out their most essential functions.

If you don’t tend to eat onions because of their odor and somewhat strong flavor, combine them with other foods to neutralize them.

To avoid indigestion, eat cooked onions.  A good option is onion soup, which you should include in your diet once a week for a clean liver.

5. Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes, together with carrots, are rich in carotene.  This is a very important natural anti-inflammatory food for the body. The beta carotene is converted into vitamin A to be processed by the liver.

It is important to obtain vitamin A from foods rich in beta-carotene instead of taking supplements. Even though supplements are fairly common and economical, they can be toxic to the liver because of the chemicals used in processing.

Sweet potatoes are another food that doesn’t cause toxins in the liver, and they also contribute fiber and vitamin C.

6.  Citrus fruits

Citrus fruits contain high quantities of vitamin C. This helps to detox the liver through the conversion of toxic materials into substances that can be absorbed easily by the body.  

To be sure you are cleaning your liver, it is a good idea to eat citrus fruit daily. That way, instead of worrying about cleaning your liver every week or every month, you do it gradually.

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Having a good diet is key to having a clean liver.

This list of foods will help you have a clean liver.  Overall, it’s very important to maintain a balanced diet.

Always remember to:

  • Eat natural foods,
  • Avoid eating a lot of salt or fats,
  • Drink a sufficient amount of water daily.

Remember that your liver is the organ in charge of keeping the body clean, but its capacity is limited. Give it a helping hand by eating right!






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