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3 Phrases to Start Loving Yourself Again in Just 3 Minutes

Sometimes we leave our self-esteem in the hands of others. We forget what we’re worth and what we deserve.

It’s true that this psychological phenomena finds its roots in childhood and past experiences that make up our personality.

However, you must understand that when we’re talking about self-love, you should pay attention to it daily. It should never be neglected.

Self-love is not about becoming narcissistic or a selfish person. Not at all.

It’s about being skilled, wise, and intuitive, knowing your limits, your rights, other people’s rights, too.

Imagine your self-love is a delicate crystal. The more you polish it, the more beautiful it will be and the more it will inspire you.

However, there are two things you have to be careful about with this precious jewel: don’t leave it with anyone else and don’t let anyone break it.

Today, we’ll inspire you with 3 phrases to reflect on and help you care for that precious jewel like you should.

1. “Allowing myself what I deserve isn’t selfish; it’s safeguarding my self-love”

It may sound cliche to say “You have to love yourself, because otherwise nobody will respect you.” However, when you finally take the step and start to look out for yourself a little more, something happens: people may start telling you that you’ve changed or that you’ve become a little more selfish.

First of all, you should understand that there are many steps between self-love and selfishness that a mature and balanced person won’t take.

Appreciating yourself is often something that gets neglected, but socially is somewhat frowned upon.

Telling someone, “No, I don’t feel like hanging out with you because I need to be alone this afternoon, I need to take a walk and think about things,” may seem strange to some people, impolite and even disrespectful. However, allowing yourself what you deserve and need at the time is never selfish.

In fact, whoever sees it that way isn’t a good friend. The best friends and the closest family members are those who are able to empathize with you by understanding and respecting your decision.

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2. “I need to set limits to protect my dignity, my identity, and the invaluable essence of me.”

Anyone who goes through life without a protective barrier between them and what can do them harm will let life and destiny hand them anything, whether good or bad.

So… What will happen if you’re pickier or if you decide to be wiser and only accept the good?

Doing so would not be selfish, either. It’s actually an excellent step towards good mental and emotional health and towards a sense of well-being that will directly affect your physical balance, as well.

Don’t hesitate to put up barriers and fences against people who come at you with abuse and manipulation.

It can be very easy to improve your quality of life if you start setting limits.

3. “My self-love has no price and will not be discounted.”

Self-love is more than just self-protection and knowing where the limit is between what’s mine and what’s yours.

Self-love is your dignity, the inviolable and unique essence that makes up who you are and how you see yourself. It’s the strength inside you to face hard things, achieve your dreams, and create a reality that fits who you are.

None of this is easy. You must understand that self-love also means continual growth. Sometimes it gets weakened, sick, or beaten down.

Other times you may forget to feed it, because this aspect requires new knowledge, new friendships, perspectives, and experiences.

Understand, then, that your self-love has no price. It’s invaluable.

Don’t offer it to anybody; it’s yours. Offer others what you offer yourself: respect, love, wise coexistence, and harmony.

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