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100 Best Quotes About Life To Give You Lessons

Life always make us to be curious about it. No matter how long we have lived, we can never say that we truly understand life.

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Study Finds: Bacteria In Your Gut Seriously Alter Your Behavior and Emotional State

We continue to learn how important microbes in our gut really are – but did you know that, among other things, they may help regulate

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How Your Diet Can Sabotage Your Gut & Liver Health

Ever feel like health news is too overwhelming, fast-paced, or hard to decipher? Us too. Here, we filter through the latest in integrative health, wellness

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How Too Many Parents Tell Lies Without Noticing

Parents all lie to their kids every day, they just don’t realise it. You may tell your child not to lie, but continually saying these lies, …

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This Is How You Worsen the Relationship Without Noticing

Relationship advice

I’ve committed my fair share of relationship faux pas. I wish I could tell you that I get communication right every time, but I …

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Coconut Oil Breakthrough For Crohn's Disease

For people suffering from Crohn’s disease, here is one of the most recent — and possibly most dramatic — breakthroughs in its treatment: 

Good fats

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